My name is Tony. I’m 53 years old. Currently diagnosed with Hashimotos, Hypothyroidism, Myalgia, High Cholesterol and Blood Pressure, pre-diabetes, and monitoring a nodule on my neck and prostate every 6 months. In February 2016, I was diagnosed with Thyroid Cancer (TC) Metastasis. In March 2016, I had a radical neck dissection surgery and RAI for treatment. The only side effects I had from RAI were mouth sores and body rash. 

My journey with TC began 2 1/2 years prior to my diagnosis with daily symptoms and signs that I ignored or made excuses. I had daily headaches- lack of caffeine (I love to drink Coca Colas), exhaustion/ fatigue- getting older and out of shape (never been in shape), lack of interest in life – midlife crisis. Also, I convinced myself that I was going crazy because there was no way in hell I could be exhausted from attending a UTSA College Softball game (Birds Up). 

We all have different experiences with TC, but I’ve learned to manage my symptoms with nutrition. I use Whole30 and Keto as a reference, with physical activities such as walking and kayaking. I also have several daily goals to be productive or to keep from idling the entire day.                                           

My advice to my Thyroid Cancer brothers and sisters is to be proactive with your health, educate yourself on the Endocrine System, be realistic on your daily capabilities, you’re not alone swallow your pride (me) and ask for assistance when needed. I truly believe that every negative has a positive, at times you have to dig deep to find the positive. My positive- My faith is stronger, I’m a better man, I firmly believe in the power of prayer and I’m at peace with my circumstances. And I have met and learned from some amazing cancer survivors. Most important I’m High On Life. “I won the first battle but am still fighting the war.”

Some resources I suggest are, and American Cancer Society.

Thank You Tony for sharing your journey with us. Most importantly for reminding us that we are not alone & to be proactive with our health!

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