Survivor Spotlight: Jamie

Hi! My name is Jamie, 35 year old thyroid cancer survivor! At 33 years old my mom noticed a lump on my neck, the day I was asking my cousin to be maid of honor in my wedding. After an ultrasound and biopsy, it was confirmed that I had papillary thyroid carcinoma. January 8, 2019 I had a total thyroidectomy, and two months later I had a radioactive iodine treatment, all while planning my wedding.

I was so afraid that I would get fat, and have an ugly scar for my wedding day. I actually lost weight, and you can barely notice my scar! I can’t believe that was even one of my concerns. Turns out, I actually miss my scar, and cancer has shaped me into the person I am today! With a lot of faith, positivity, and support from my loved ones, I can very happily say that I am 35, thriving, married, and most importantly cancer free!!! A positive mindset is everything! 

Advice that I would give to others recently diagnosed with cancer, or going through it that helped me.. Be positive! Mind over matter is 100% key. There is always someone else out there who has it way worse, and the comeback is gonna be greater than the setback! Remember it is OK to have all the emotions, cancer is a scary thing, talk to others, don’t hold it in, use social media as a platform! Let all those emotions out, cry, laugh, scream.. Whatever you have to do, do it, and don’t feel bad about any second of it! 

Jamie, we want to thank you for your participation in Survivor Sunday!

To learn more about Jamie, visit her Instagram account @beauty_and_the_thyroid

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