ThyTabono has partnered with multiple organizations to bring awareness to Thyroid Cancer and launch our campaign “Stop Calling it a ‘Good’ Cancer.”

While all of us survivors are grateful that thyroid cancer has a 98% 5-year relative survival rate (according to the American Cancer Society), there is no positive adjective that can be placed in front of the word CANCER and makes it easier to swallow. The reality is that this toxic positivity has caused more harm than good.

The reality is that 94% of thyroid cancer patients have heard their diagnosis referred to as the “good cancer.” One of our board members was even told by a nurse that if she had to pick a cancer to have, she would pick thyroid cancer. Did you know half of physicians tell their patients this is the “good cancer” as reassurance but less than 10% refer patients to therapy? “30% of thyroid cancer survivors feel that their cancer, and/or side effects from treatment are not taken seriously.” This brings us back to the fact that in many cases, yes, our cancer is treatable, but life without a thyroid is the biggest challenge of all, and being told that this is “Good” is nothing short of “Hard.”

No Cancer is a ‘Good’ Cancer and our mission is to shed light upon this.

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Fill out the form below to download a printable letter to give to your physicians and/or medical centers. Physicians often aren’t taught how to deliver bad news and try to provide silver linings, which come across as invalidating. We have carefully crafted this letter to help educate the medical community about the potential harms of labelling any cancer as “good”.